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We’re looking for insiders in the automotive industry who would be willing to contribute to our blog.

We’re one of the leading job websites dedicated specifically to the automotive industry, so this is your chance to get your work, and opinion, in front of a large and relevant audience.

The topic of the content is up to you but it must be relevant to the industry or recruitment related – This could be anything from an insight into the life of a mechanic to the impact of Brexit or Covid-19 on the automotive industry. What are your top tips for new engineers? What are your predictions for the automotive world in the next 12 months? It could be a one-off feature or a series of articles.


  • To feature on our blog, you must download and read the Blog Contributor guide carefully. Commonly asked questions are answered within the guide.
  • Please do not use American British spellings.
  • Please be aware that do not pay for content. We also do not charge writers to feature on our blog. Any requests for these will be dismissed.
  • It’s also worth noting that we receive a large volume of these requests so while we endeavour to reply, it is not always possible. Please check your spam folder as replies could be found there.
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We look forward to hearing from you.

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