In the last few years, online job fairs have surfaced as an alternative solution to help employers break free from the restraints of traditional hiring methods and unlock the hottest talent in their area.

By offering a 3D platform which imitates the feel of a physical job fair, employers and jobseekers can now unite in an online setting which offers all the benefits of a job board and job fair combined.

By connecting jobseekers and employers in a convenient setting, online job fairs play an integral role in helping companies excel with staffing without compromising on hiring targets, cost or talent quality.

As this trend continues to gather momentum, we explore the top five reasons employers and recruiters are adopting online job fairs as an essential part of their recruitment process.


Attract passive jobseekers

Targeting passive candidates remains a challenge for automotive recruiters. According to The Undercover Recruiter, passive talent are 120% more likely to make an impact on your business, whilst 33% are more likely to be seeking challenging work. Posting a job advert online and expecting hundreds of applications to roll in is no longer standard practice.

Online job fairs are a massive opportunity for passive jobseekers as they can explore new employment opportunities on their terms without commitment. By displaying an engaging and interactive picture of what jobseekers could expect from being part of your company, jobseekers can make an informed decision on whether they would like to take it further.

In the candidate driven market we reside in, jobseekers will vigorously seek out supporting information to certify their ideas and values align with those of the company before spending time going through the recruitment process. Company review sites such as Glassdoor can reaffirm their decision to apply for a particular vacancy.


Expand your talent pool

A shortage of skilled and experienced candidates is an ongoing challenge for recruiters. Employees are leaving their current place of work quickly (studies indicate the average period of time for millennials to spend at one job is two years or less), and if workers haven’t quit yet, they’re already contemplating their next move.

With the freedom to select talent from a nationwide pool of candidates at an online job fair, locating the best candidates is no longer the daunting task it once was.

Jobseekers attending need to complete a quick registration, including some key details and an updated copy of their CV. Once completed, jobseekers can login on the event day via their chosen device and from their chosen location.

Removing location, travel and time constraints encourages greater levels of participation. Empowering jobseekers to choose when, and more importantly where, they access the job fair from, has proven to boost attendance by over 70%.


Shortlist the best talent

At an online job fair, exhibitors can peruse the Attendee List and shortlist the best talent. With CVs and contact details available to view right away, this exciting feature presents an opportunity to recruit before the job fair goes live.

To ensure time is spent efficiently during the fair, exhibitors have the option to organise meetings (or preliminary interviews) in the chat room with shortlisted candidates. With so many additional features, exhibitors can maximise their chance of locating and recruiting the best candidates, and subsequently breeze through their recruitment funnel.


Discover beyond the CV

Finding the time to conduct a search for candidates, sifting through mounds of unsuitable applications and screening is a problem for recruiters, as it can consume large periods of time. On average, an automotive vacancy receives over 200 applications.

Furthermore, while job boards are efficient in attracting jobseekers to live vacancies, they can be restrictive in narrowing down the search once the applications are in.

At an online job fair, exhibitors can liaise with a large number of jobseekers in a one-stop environment to discover more about the person behind the CV. This can be useful for employers who are looking for a particular fit within their company.

For the majority, job fairs can act as an initial screening process, and employers will often base the first round of interviews off the back of the interaction during the fair. This can save employers a huge deal of time interviewing unsuitable candidates.


Reduce recruitment costs

According to OnRec, the average cost per hire is £3000. Due to the nature of physical events, exhibiting is expensive and costs can spiral quickly.

Online job fairs eliminate travel, accomodation, printing, furniture and equipment hire which can significantly reduce hirings costs. With zero chance of damage or loss and no hidden fees, costs are much more steady with an online fair.

Another advantage of recruiting online is effectively measuring a return on investment. As all activity can be tracked, including job applications, videos watched, documents downloaded, conversations held, exhibitors can effectively measure if the job fair met their expectations and recruitment targets.

Unlock the hottest talent in your area 

On May 7th, Courvent Automotive will host the Automotive Job Fair. To discover the best candidates quickly and efficiently without even leaving the office, why not book a demo to discover how the technology provides fresh opportunities to connect with jobseekers and how Courvent Automotive attracts qualified professionals to their job fairs.

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Courvent Automotive strives to connect employers and jobseekers in a hassle free and cost effective environment. With a wide network of industry partners including InAutomotive, AM Online and the ABP Club. Courvent Automotive specialises in connectivity through innovation.

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