Here at InAutomotive HQ, we’re thrilled to announce we have recently appointed Georgia Cox to take on the position of Advertising Agency Sales Manager. Working closely with Hannah Tillotson, Head of Sales Operations, she will be responsible for heading up the sales strategy for advertising agencies.

Georgia is joining us from Stepstone, home to generic job boards such as Total Jobs and, so we wanted to get her thoughts on the move to a niche job board, and give her a proper introduction.

How would you describe yourself?

“I’m a very passionate person, with a desire to achieve. My professionalism coupled with my ambition means I believe deeply in inspiring others. I find this achieves the best possible outcome for the organisation I work for, and I’m proud to do so.”

Tell us about your experience

“I have been in the industry for over 6 years and I love what I do. In the past, I’ve worked with brands such as McLaren, BMW, Lidl and Tesco and my main aim is to support them in finding the best candidates for their jobs. There’s nothing better to see an organisation grow to it’s full potential by hiring the right people.”

What are you most excited about within your new role?

“InAutomotive is dynamic and ambitious, which I think says a lot about a company. It’s really motivating to see a company that is constantly striving for the next big thing, which fits right in with my personal ambitions.

I want to make a positive impression as soon as I can, so I’m really excited to work with the agencies that are already on board as well as expanding the existing client base.”

Why did you decide to switch from working with a generic job boards to niche job boards?

“For me this is about the new challenge that’s presented itself. The prospect of working with a niche is exciting because the types of jobs that clients are posting are so skilled, and tough to fill at times, it makes for more interesting work!

With my experience, I’m confident I’ll have a positive impact and influence on both the performance of my clients businesses and Simply Jobs Boards.”

Looking to promote your client’s jobs on a quality platform that provides a cost effective return on investment? Call Georgia today on 07557309053.

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