A parts manager is responsible for supplying replacement parts to auto dealerships, construction equipment companies and service centres. Parts managers, as well as managing a team in this department, will also maintain the right amount and level of stock, as well as ensuring their store’s service and repair operations are kept in order. A parts manager may also utilise sales and marketing skills to increase revenue by selling parts to customers. Parts managers usually report in to general managers of the organisation/store/dealership.


What does a parts manager do?

Day-to-day responsibilities for a parts manager might include:

  • Leading a team to ensure profitability and efficiency of the department
  • Managing stock
  • Regular customer contact
  • Admin work with regards to inventory, deliveries, stock rotation etc.
  • Working on a computer to identify available stock etc.
  • Identifying, supplying and locating parts/accessories


What key skills should a parts manager have?

  • High level of customer service
  • People-oriented
  • Knowledge and ability of parts pricing procedures
  • Leadership
  • Initiative
  • Problem solving
  • Analytical skills
  • Delegation
  • Detail-oriented
  • Organisation
  • Knowledge around new models, and inventory reports
  • Ability to use computers and computer capabilities for inventory, record keeping, parts information etc.


What qualifications do I need to be a parts manager?

Parts managers will ideally have appropriate management experience, and ideally you will have good grades in Maths and English GCSEs. You must have a full valid driving license.


What previous experience do I need to be a parts manager?

Previous experience in a similar role is beneficial. Sales and customer service experience is also helpful. Managerial experience is desirable, and ideally you will have excellent auto parts knowledge too, and experience in the auto repair or auto parts sales environment.


How much does a car salesperson earn?

The starting salary for a parts manager is usually around £18,000.

The average salary for a parts manager is £29,834.84.*



*InAutomotive data 2018

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