We recently released our latest annual report! The report contained an array of insightful information regarding recruiting in the motor industry, and professionals searching for jobs.

Off the back of our findings, we have also produced a salary report for 2020.

The report goes into detail surrounding the average salaries for 2018, and 2019, and also looks at the percentage increases or decreases year on year for each job category.

Read on to see what we found, and to download the report.

This report will be useful for you if:

  • You’re considering a career move and want to be able to discuss salary confidently
  • You’re thinking of speaking to your current employer about salary
  • You’re interested in the industry averages per profession within the motor industry


Above we can see the table showing just a snippet of the percentage increases we’ve seen for salaries per roles advertised on InAutomotive in 2018-19.

The average salary being offered for Supply Chain Manager roles increased significantly by 54.67% in 2019, while the overall average salary for Supply Chain roles increased by 49.26%.

The average salary for Car Transporter jobs increased by 49.68%, and the average for Quality Engineers increased by 27.04%.

The average salary for Logistics Managers also increased by 24.09%, followed by Head of Aftersales roles, where the average salary offered grew by 24.03%.

Salaries for Administration saw a significant increase in 2019, by 22.96%, and Warehousing roles also grew by 22.16%.

Mechanics are in high demand currently, so it’s not surprise to see that the average salary has increased, as recruiters attempt to attract top talent. The overall average increased by 21.01%.

To see the full breakdown, download our salary report now:


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