We recently caught up with one of our guest bloggers to discover how the jobs market will be affected by autonomous vehicles. This is what they said:


“Self-driving cars used to be the stuff of sci-fi movies, but today they’re a reality that’s fast changing the automotive industry. The technology is already in use around the world in the form of public transport, with many taxis and buses now running it in major cities such as London. Additionally, the technology is an option on many vehicles, including the expensive and pioneering Tesla range.

True driverless cars, which can be left to their own devices, remain elusive. Currently, drivers need to be aware of their surroundings to ensure that they override their car if it makes a mistake. Still, they save drivers a lot of energy and can make it easier for less-able drivers with disabilities to enjoy independence.

While this all sounds great, it poses many questions for the motor industry. One is, how will this affect jobs? There are many areas of the automotive market that will change following a larger rollout and greater uptake of this tech. We explore some of these below.



Mechanics Will Need Additional Skills

One of the biggest shake ups that self-driving car tech will introduce is for mechanics, who will need to learn new skills. Car body control modules are already filled with unique scripts and software that’s a challenge for body shop owners and mechanics, but with the rise of self-driving technology the internal workings of cars will only get more complicated.

As such, mechanics and garage owners need to be prepared to spend more time on personal development and tools to ensure that they can fix problems in autonomous vehicles.



Accidents Could Change The Insurance And Road Regulation Sectors

The automotive industry encompasses more than just mechanics and designers; it also involves those who make the rules of the road, enforce them and insure cars against damage. Self-driving cars are already causing issues on the roads; while many of these stories are funny, they also pose questions about how car insurance firms and road legislators will adapt in the future.

Companies might find that they need to add additional staff to deal with claims or adjust the rules of the road to account for the rise of self-driving cars.


Autonomous Vehicle Tech Paves The Way For Other Smart Gear

The more autonomous vehicles on the road and the better the technology, the more opportunities there are for other smart solutions, such as smart motorways. Smart motorways have been in development for many years, and Governments are still adapting their plans. As self-driving car technology advances, so too will smart motorways.

This will open up opportunities for software developers and policy planners alike. It will also increase the need for consultants from across the automotive industry to advice on smart motorway development and regulation over the coming years.

Overall, autonomous vehicles have a long way to go before they take over the road entirely. In the meantime, car enthusiasts and those working in the automotive industry need to be aware of the changes that these cars could cause, and how they could affect the job market. This article should give you an insight into the ways in which this technology could influence the market moving forward.”


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