George Callagher, the youngest member on job board InAutomotive’s sales team, received the 30 under 30’s rising stars 2019 award this week. 

The 30 Under 30 initiative celebrates individuals under the age of 30 actively involved within the collision repair industry in the UK and achieving great things. Stars from all areas of the industry will feature in Bodyshop Magazine’s August issue. They will also be celebrated at the Bodyshop Live! 2019 event on Thursday 19th September. 

General Manager of InAutomotive Thomas Lowcock spoke of George’s amazing progress during his time at InAutomotive: “George has been with us just over a year now. The impact he’s had on InAutomotive has been brilliant. He’s brought on board 50 bodyshops to connect them with skilled/experienced candidates, improving their recruitment and saving them a lot of time and money in the process. We get fantastic feedback about George, much of them centred around putting their needs first and tailoring each offering to suit their requirements. I nominated him after seeing what a clear impact he’d made recruiting within the profession – we’re really proud to have him on our team.”

Speaking about the nomination, George said: “I’m thrilled to have won the 30 under 30’s award. The last year has been a huge challenge for me, so it’s a big deal professionally to be recognised for an award like this. I hope to continue developing my relationship with businesses in the industry, and look forward to a positive future at InAutomotive.”

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