InAutomotive has released its 2020 Year in Review. The report details how Covid-19 impacted:

  • Jobs in the automotive industry
  • Traffic, applications and jobs posted to InAutomotive
  • The lives and careers of our jobseekers
  • The job search and the shift in priorities as a result of the events in 2020

The review also details InAutomotive’s response to the pandemic and highlights the exciting developments which will be added to the site during 2021 and beyond.


To download the Year in Review, simply click the orange button now. 


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A day in the life of a car mechanic

A day in the life of a car mechanic

The standard 40-hour work week: average day, average routine and average pay, right? Not so fast – a car mechanic’s employment may follow the 40-hour work week, but a day in the life is exciting, active and versatile. Anything can happen in the day of a life of a car...

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