So, you saw us record a jaw dropping amount of applications in February. Well, the figures are in for March and they’re just as impressive. This applies both to traffic AND applications!

Since we’ve gone mobile with InAutomotive, applications have been flooding in, here’s a breakdown by year of how we’ve performed in 2015 compared to previous years:

  • 2013 – 19,260 applications
  • 2014 – 15,756 applications
  • 2015 – 30,193 applications

That’s a massive increase of almost 100% YOY.

Taking a look at traffic, the figures are just as impressive. Since 2013 we’ve grown by almost 55%.

  • 2013 – 119,219 visits
  • 2014 – 148,260 visits
  • 2015 – 182,539 visits

You may ask yourself why this is the case?!

  1. Economic growth. The automotive industry is still growing in the UK which is great news. We’re listing more and more roles across various different sectors in the automotive industry with candidates flocking to these roles like they’re going out of fashion.
  2. Growth at InAutomotive. Internally we’ve restructured in a way that allows us to interact with employers/ agencies as well as candidates on a much more personal level. We’ve also had a full overhaul of our emails in the last couple of months so our audience is a lot more engaged/ targetted. This has helped increased traffic dramatically.
  3. Did we mention we’ve gone mobile? Mobile traffic now accounts for exactly 50% of our overall traffic, our highest level since we launched back in 2010 so it made sense to launch our brand new fully responsive website to ensure that these visitors to the site had access to the full InAutomotive experience.

Have you got an automotive role that you’d like to advertise on our site? Give us a call on 01772 639044 and share in our success!

Why not take a look at all the other recruiters who currently have all their latest roles advertised on InAutomotive.



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