InAutomotive and customer service are like two peas in a pod, we understand that it is the customers who keep our business alive and it’s for this reason why we invest heavily in our customer service team. We believe that good customer service along with good value for money is the real winning formula to any business but more importantly our own business.

Over the past couple of years we have improved our service and added to our customer service team so that we can continuously meet your needs and more importantly keep you happy! Meeting your goals are our top priority whether it is filling a few vacancies or hundreds, our customer service team are more than happy to help.

“I started using InAutomotive as a supplement to the mainstream jobs boards because it focuses on my main target industry: The Automotive Aftermarket. The level of customer service received is exceptional, with my Account Manager proactively calling me to check on progress and going out of her way to facilitate the individual requirements of some of the advertised roles. It is always difficult to find exceptional sales candidates in this vertical market, however the costs for the year’s advertising on InAutomotive were recovered within the first 3 months from placing candidates sourced through the site.”

-CR Associates

3 reasons why customer service is important.

1) Service is everything!

In this day and age more and more businesses operate online, by doing this they believe they are targeting a bigger market and it will propel their business to the next level, however this is also where a lot of businesses fail. By moving online companies tend to forget about the customer service side and by the time they realise it is often too late. Inautomotive was proactive in this sense and since we have only ever operated online, we thought about our customers from day one and thought about how we can help them get the best use of our product and how we could still give the face to face feeling that is missing in online businesses. Let us introduce to you our live chat function… Intercom!

By integrating intercom across our site we are able to offer the personal service that often goes missing online, it’s kind of like having your own personal shopper our service is that good. You can ask us questions about our product before actually purchasing and our on hand customer service team will be there to help. If you have a problem simply click the button, type a question and our customer service team will be on hand to respond! Look out for the following pop up

By having this function it cuts out waiting times (our response time is around 2 minutes), there are no irritating phone calls where you are on hold for several minutes listening to awful music, not to mention it also cuts out the expense of the phone call! Intercom for your online business is highly recommended!

2) Our Customer Service Team go the extra mile for you and your job posts!

They are not just customer service reps they are InAutomotive Customer Service Reps there is a difference. Our team goes above and beyond for our customers. They ensure that your job post gets the applications it deserves and they do this by offering pieces of advice, hints and tips that will enhance your job post. They help you find the best CVs when you have access to our CV Database, they give advice on keywords to put in job adverts as well as location choices and they give you information on additional products that might be of interest in order to get the best out of your job post. They really do go the extra mile!

3) 97% retention rate!

Our retention rates has increased to 97% which is amazing considering we have over 200 people advertising with us. Something must keep our subscribers happy and we are fairly confident that it isn’t just our amazing product but a big part of it is our Customer Service team!

By advertising with us you get more than just an advert online, you get a relationship and the one to one touch that is missing from online businesses. more importantly you get the attention and personalized service that you deserve!

To take advantage of our customer service team get in touch today and place your job advert on the UK’s leading automotive job site!

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