An automotive sales manager supervises a team of car salespeople – the majority of managers being at car dealerships. The main goal for a car sales manager is to ensure that their team hits set targets for car sales. Managers will also look to provide support, coaching and motivation to their teams through incentive schemes, and set agreed processes. Other role responsibilities (which we will go further in to below) involve hiring and firing, monitoring inventory, managing customer relationships, developing annual sales budgets, training and target setting for employees.


What does a car sales manager do?

General responsibilities for a car sales manager might include:

  • Be able to work with customers in a professional and ethical manner
  • Coach, support and motivate sales team to maximise profitability
  • Deliver a positive customer experience
  • Demonstrate exceptional knowledge of the product/brand
  • Anticipate and identify customer needs
  • Be customer-focused
  • Maximise opportunities on new and used car sales


What key skills should a car sales manager have?

  • The ability to build rapport
  • Management
  • Customer service
  • Creativity
  • Initiative
  • Confidence
  • Resilience
  • Be a team player
  • Be able to negotiate
  • Excellent time management
  • Good level of mathematics
  • Attention to detail


What qualifications do I need to be a car sales manager?

Anyone applying for a car sales manager role must have a full valid driving license. Experience of leading, growing and developing a sales team is essential, and industry knowledge is also desirable. GCSE Maths and English may also be required.


What previous experience do I need to be a car sales manager?

Previous sales and managerial experience is desirable for a car sales manager role, particularly experience around motivating and incentivising a sales team to reaching targets.


How much does a car salesperson earn?

The average salary for a sales manager is £56,333.33.*

*InAutomotive data 2020

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