Welcome to our Bangers4Ben (B4B) journey blog! Here, we have included some pictures and videos taken from the Bangers4Ben challenge. Right from the very start of the competition to the end! We had an amazing few days taking part, and now comes the time to reflect on our journey, the fantastic experience we had, and more importantly, reaching out to our readers one last time, to please donate towards B4B.


To read more about why we took part in the Bangers4Ben challenge, click here.


Otherwise, please enjoy our photo/video gallery from Bangers4Ben!

Day 1: Brooklands > Reims


Day 2: Reims > Stuttgart via Black Forest



Day 3: Stuttgart > Bruge via the Nurburgring and Spa



Day 4: Bruge > Rockingham



Once again, we’d like to thank all of our sponsors for the event, and thank everyone who has donated so far. Donations are what keep charities like Ben Support for Life going, so although the Bangers4Ben event is now over, we wanted to make one last plea to donate. It really will make a difference, and some day it could be you who needs the help whilst working in the automotive sector.

Before we leave you, here’s a video summarising our Bangers4Ben experience – enjoy, and thanks once again!


B4B Ghostbusters journey on Biteable.


You can donate here:


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