A car mechanic is a rewarding career which provides essential services to vehicle owners in the UK. The average salary of UK mechanics can be determined by experience and location, with specialised roles also commanding salaries at the higher end of the payscale.
The two main training paths to become a mechanic are via a college course or an apprenticeship which usually requires sufficient GCSE grades. This is dependent on whether the applicant is choosing to enroll for a level two, or a level three college course, or an intermediate or advanced apprenticeship.
You can view a detailed job description of a car mechanic here.
Recent figures suggest there are over 21,000 motor vehicle repair workshops in the UK and this number shows no sign of decreasing over the coming years. However, many large companies employ in-house mechanics, creating many more opportunities.


Starting salaries

The average starting salary for a qualified car mechanic in the UK is £18,000 a year.

This figure is significantly less during the years training as an apprentice; the current minimum wage for an apprentice in the UK is £3.90 per hour for people under 19 years of age and over 19 year olds in their first year of training.
There is currently no age limit when applying for an apprenticeship, but it is worth noting that applicants who have completed a higher education degree may not be entitled to government funding and would have to cover the costs themselves.

Experienced/senior salaries

A more experienced mechanic with a number of years under their belt can expect to see a wage between £21k-£27k. Again, this will be dependent on location and years of service.
Car mechanics who advance to a senior role, such as; a senior technician, a workshop supervisor or a garage manager can expect a salary in the region of £28k-£35k.
Further progression is also a possibility if a senior mechanic chooses to specialise in high performance cars, electric/ hybrid cars or moves into the field of motorsports.
Alternatively, highly trained mechanics can become self employed and open their own garage or mobile business.

How do salaries differ by location?

The average salary of a UK car mechanic in the UK is £28,553 according to InAutomotive’s data. Location can have a significant impact on the potential earnings of a qualified mechanic. Below is a breakdown of average salaries, by region, as of June 2019.
The average salary for a mechanic in Scotland is £33,786 is 7.2% more than the average UK salary. This figure is also 8.4% higher than the average salary for all jobs in Scotland.
Northern Ireland
North West England
North East England
The average salary for a mechanic in the north east is £29,994.
West Midlands England
East Midlands England
South West England
South East England
Based on recent data, the salary for a UK car mechanic has shown a significant increase in recent years, with the introduction of hybrid and electric cars requiring new training and qualifications, resulting in more specialised roles.
Research based on June 2019 data shows the higher salaries are in Scotland, followed by London, with the lowest average salary recorded in Wales.
If you are interested in new opportunities within the automotive industry, you can find the latest car mechanic vacancies here.

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