InAutomotive is pleased to announce that it will now feature management roles on AM Online’s website


AM Online is a well respected publication in the automotive industry, and now readers can look forward to InAutomotive featuring management jobs on its online platform.


Roles featured will include service manager, dealer principal, business manager, parts manager, aftersales manager, manager, general manager and automotive sales manager jobs.


General manager at InAutomotive Thomas Lowcock said: “AM Online is a fantastic resource for automotive professionals. With their high exposure to management professionals in particular, this is a fantastic source of traffic to our customer job adverts. Management roles are some of the highest performing adverts on our websites. We expect this to increase responses to such adverts even further.”


Automotive Management was launched in 1990 as a mould-breaking publication to cover the franchised dealer market.


The site is targeted towards franchised dealers, with a readership of over 10,000.


To view the latest management roles on InAutomotive, click here.

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