150,000 Automotive Candidates – What does this mean?

It means we have the largest database in the UK specifically full of Automotive Professionals. These candidates are waiting to apply for your job roles.

With 150,000 candidates on our database we can fill the following venues with a few extras

– Silverstone Circuit

– Aintree Motor Racing Circuit

– Daytona International Speedway

– Rungnado May Day Stadium, North Korea

– Wembley Stadium

You get the picture! This being said it gives you an outstanding pool of CVs to search through.

With our CV Search Package you can hand pick ideal candidates for your role, meaning that you will fill the vacancy quickly saving you time and reducing your cost per hire!

Don’t just take our word for it! – Michael at Canterbury Mazda

I bought 100 CV downloads to test the calibre of your database and i can officially say that you were not lying! I have already placed a Technician and i am now looking for a Sales Manager. I have paid with agencies before and none have been as effective as your site. So i am very happy and look forward to utilising your database now and in the near future!

We don’t just fill roles in the UK either as Stoneridge Electronics in Australia found out.

The level of response from InAutomotive and the support we have received from our account manager has been outstanding. As a result we have filled many roles here in Australia and we will definitely continue to use InAutomotive for our future automotive advertising requirements within the UK.

We average 150,000 visits each month, with over 30,000 applications from candidates, these figures are only going to increase with the influx in candidates due over the next couple of months. It would be wise to take advantage and reap the benefits of advertising with a company that is going from strength to strength.

If you need any more stats to convince you to recruit with us then give us a call on 01772 639036 and speak to our lovely sales team for more information and to see what awesome deals they can give you.

Don’t want to speak to a sales rep? Click the following link to view our package deals, these packages give you complete control of your recruitment process.

Advertise Here – http://www.inautomotive.com/paa/choose-package

Choose from 1 job, 3 jobs, 5 jobs and 10 jobs which can be used throughout the year. your job advert will be live on our site for 28 days and we will give you the best response possible!  The more jobs you choose the cheaper each job post gets!

Or click the following link to see what else we offer – http://recruiters.inautomotive.com/what-we-offer

We look forward to a potential partnership and we would love to help your business move forward, whether you’re replacing old staff, going through an expansion or need cover, we have the candidates for you!

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