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Tough interview questions and answers

A job interview is a big hurdle towards getting the job you want. The most nerve-wracking part of an interview, besides making a good first impression, is not knowing what questions will be thrown your way. There are several questions which can be...

Jobseekers reveal what they hate most about their job search

Searching for a new job is frustrating enough for talented jobseekers, without the extra hassle of dealing with unfriendly websites, confusing interview questions and a poor jobhunting experience.Recently, we surveyed over 300 jobseekers who visited our...

How to write a cover letter for a mechanic

If you’re a quality mechanic searching for a new job, you’ll need to impress with a job-winning cover letter if you want to make it to an interview.Working as a mechanic is a role that comes with many surprises and interesting projects, so it’s much easier...

The Ultimate Job Hunting Guide for Mechanics

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