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What does bullying in the workplace look like?

Have you ever been bullied at work? Ever been made to feel upset, nervous, or unwelcome? Or perhaps you've witnessed someone who was being bullied at work? You wouldn’t be the only one. In light of Anti-Bullying Week, we’re bringing you a special,...

Interview tips: ‘What can you bring to this role?’

Make sure you don’t stumble on this classic job interview question that many people simply forget to prepare for. ‘Tell us what you can bring to this role?” is an incredibly obvious question and you’re almost guaranteed to hear it at an automotive job interview.

Horror stories from work

In light of the deadliest night of the year, we’ve put together a very entertaining (or it could go the other way and give you nightmares) piece about horror stories at work - and we asked our community on InAutomotive to share some of their worst...

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