InAutomotive’s new online offering provides both convenience and control uncommon in a job board. Simply Jobs Boards are a leading provider of niche job boards, with ten of them specialising in everything from sales to aviation. And now recruiters can target their niche with two clicks (or taps!). This is because InAutomotive now offer their discounted package deals online. It’s a level of autonomy and flexibility recruiters have come to expect in a world where you can buy anything from your own home, and until now, job boards have been slow to catch up.

This development cuts out the middleman, and means that whether you have one job or ten, (or want to source directly with CV search), you can curate your own package in five minutes. Hate form-filling? Register your account automatically by connecting your Linkedin profile. Recruiters don’t need to waste time in getting jobs seen by candidates: even if it’s 1am and you’re pulling another all nighter, you can post a job and watch applications come in, leaving you to get on with the important stuff. This is especially relevant to recruiters based outside the UK, who no longer need to keep unsociable hours to get the package they need, opening up a greater international scope.

InAutomotive’s Managing Director Ian Partington said: ’This new self service solution makes recruiting effortless, and puts the recruiter in control from start to finish. It’s part of our commitment to provide users with a tailored, targeted service that they control. As well as something I’m really excited about, it’s something I know busy clients will appreciate.’

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