November Roundup on InAutomotive

InAutomotive was very busy offline throughout November, attending events such as Mechanex to find more candidates for your vacancies, as well as advertising in magazines and other online activities.

We attended the last Mechanex event of 2015 with intentions of raising brand awareness and attracting new candidates to sign up. Over the two day event it was clear to see that we was a big hit with the crowd and our mobile phone cushions went down a treat (see below).







If you were lucky enough to see us here and managed to grab yourself a mobile cushion send us a picture to or tweet us a picture to @inautomotive and you and your business could be featured in our next article and email.

Brand awareness is what we wanted to achieve and it was safe to say we did more than that. We formed new partnerships with huge UK businesses (more information to come on this front) as well as partnerships with colleges and universities meaning more candidate sources for your jobs.

Car Dealer Magazine
As well as attending events we have promoted our website in the latest version of the Car Dealer Magazine which has gone out to a national audience to raise brand awareness, if you saw the article then there is a nice 20% discount if you are looking to recruit.

car dealer magazine article#
If you are looking to advertise then call us now on 01772 639 036 and don’t forget to quote “Car Dealer 20”

Online Advertisements
We work with many different companies to ensure that we have the best national reach and this is paying off on an international scale with companies from Australia and Bermuda choosing to advertise on our site to fill roles in their respected countries.

Being an online business, InAutomotive uses a multitude of online banners, adverts, publications and social media outlets to drive the high levels of online traffic required to keep our site as effective as it is. See below for a few of our main media outlets.

Untitled design (37)

We are always looking to work with other online businesses to drive the best response for both parties so if you feel that we could help each other, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01772 639 036 or email us at

With more offline advertisements already being planned for 2016, it really is a good time to be on board with us.

Visit us HERE to see what we offer or give us a call on 01772 639 036 to see how we can help you.

You New Look Dashboard On InAutomotive

Welcome To Your New Company Dashboard

At InAutomotive, we strive to not only provide our clients with the most advanced platform to find their new candidates, but keep it simple and easy-to-use too.

Which is why we are delighted to present your brand new company dashboard!

InAutomotive Dashboard - main page
We have listened to your feedback on ways we can make your on-site experience as straightforward and effective as possible and we are confident that we have well and truly delivered. Here’s why we’re sure you will love it as much as we do!

Everything you need, under one roofAll the information you will need to remain in total control of your recruitment, including remaining CV downloads, job credits and your renewal date are now in one place.

Manage on the go – The new company dashboard is totally responsive, meaning you can manage your recruitment by mobile or tablet, wherever you are.

Clean, clear and concise – Simplistic, easy to navigate and boasting a fresh new look. Using your company dashboard has never been this effortless.

Helpful tips to post your jobs – We have added some useful information that will make your job post stand out from the crowd.

Mark Murray – Project Manager believes this development shows once more that at InAutomotive, we put your experience at the forefront of everything we do.


Using our in house analysis team we have been able to streamline the clients section based on what is being used the most. We are continually looking to improve our clients’ experience on site and being on our own website platform we can implement changes to benefit our current users constantly


But that’s not all! We have more developments on the way, so stay tuned. In the meantime, why not take your new customer dashboard for a test drive or better still, get in touch with your customer service representative who will be more than happy to show you around.


MECHANEX Sandown 2015

MECHANEX, the regional trade show for auto repair professionals, is proud to announce the launch of a brand new website in the build-up to its flagship show at Sandown Park, Surrey.


Check out their brand new site here. The new site makes it even easier for visitors to see which of the automotive industry’s top suppliers, distributors and technical experts will be exhibiting, as well as being able to take advantage of some exclusive show offers.


The Sandown Park show takes place in Esher on November 10 & 11 and is free to the trade.


Richard Bowler, PMM Editor, said: “In the fast-changing world of automotive technology, skills and legislation, MECHANEX offers workshop technicians and proprietors the ideal opportunity to stay ‘ahead of the game’.


“With the cream of the aftermarket parts and equipment supply world in attendance, alongside an ever-increasing timetable of technical and business-related seminars and presentations – delivered by specialists in their fields – a visit to your nearest regional show is a must.”


Add to that the many opportunities to acquire vital training and technical knowledge as well as the chance to talk face-to-face with some of the aftermarket’s leading experts and forward thinking technicians have everything they need to help you stay competitive, all under one roof.


Visitors have the opportunity to take advantage of some excellent exhibitor promotions, including InAutomotive at stand L7 where they are offering job packages that will increase your ROI and reduce you cost per hire.


The show is completely free to attend and tickets can be booked online, at, or by calling 0844 888 8339.


Delivered by experts in their field, the MECHANEX seminar timetable will be packed with subjects and servicing tips and if the year’s previous three shows are anything to go by, it’ll be standing room only.


For more information follow @MechanexShow on Twitter, or visit the MECHANEX website.

Is Customer Service Essential?

Inautomotive and customer service are like two peas in a pod, we understand that it is the customers who keep our business alive and it’s for this reason why we invest heavily in our customer service team. We believe that good customer service along with good value for money is the real winning formula to any business but more importantly our own business.

Over the past couple of years we have improved our service and added to our customer service team so that we can continuously meet your needs and more importantly keep you happy! Meeting your goals are our top priority whether it is filling a few vacancies or hundreds, our customer service team are more than happy to help.

“I started using In Automotive as a supplement to the mainstream jobs boards because it focuses on my main target industry: The Automotive Aftermarket. The level of customer service received is exceptional, with my Account Manager proactively calling me to check on progress and going out of her way to facilitate the individual requirements of some of the advertised roles. It is always difficult to find exceptional sales candidates in this vertical market, however the costs for the year’s advertising on In Automotive were recovered within the first 3 months from placing candidates sourced through the site.”

-CR Associates

3 reasons why customer service is important.

1) Service is everything!

In this day and age more and more businesses operate online, by doing this they believe they are targeting a bigger market and it will propel their business to the next level, however this is also where a lot of businesses fail. By moving online companies tend to forget about the customer service side and by the time they realise it is often too late. Inautomotive was proactive in this sense and since we have only ever operated online, we thought about our customers from day one and thought about how we can help them get the best use of our product and how we could still give the face to face feeling that is missing in online businesses. Let us introduce to you our live chat function… Intercom!

By integrating intercom across our site we are able to offer the personal service that often goes missing online, it’s kind of like having your own personal shopper our service is that good. You can ask us questions about our product before actually purchasing and our on hand customer service team will be there to help. If you have a problem simply click the button, type a question and our customer service team will be on hand to respond! Look out for the following pop up

By having this function it cuts out waiting times (our response time is around 2 minutes), there are no irritating phone calls where you are on hold for several minutes listening to awful music, not to mention it also cuts out the expense of the phone call! Intercom for your online business is highly recommended!

2) Our Customer Service Team go the extra mile for you and your job posts!

They are not just customer service reps they are InAutomotive Customer Service Reps there is a difference. Our team goes above and beyond for our customers. They ensure that your job post gets the applications it deserves and they do this by offering pieces of advice, hints and tips that will enhance your job post. They help you find the best CVs when you have access to our CV Database, they give advice on keywords to put in job adverts as well as location choices and they give you information on additional products that might be of interest in order to get the best out of your job post. They really do go the extra mile!

3) 97% retention rate!

Our retention rates has increased to 97% which is amazing considering we have over 200 people advertising with us. Something must keep our subscribers happy and we are fairly confident that it isn’t just our amazing product but a big part of it is our Customer Service team!

By advertising with us you get more than just an advert online, you get a relationship and the one to one touch that is missing from online businesses. more importantly you get the attention and personalized service that you deserve!

To take advantage of our customer service team get in touch today and place your job advert on the UK’s leading automotive job site!

Call – 01772 639 036

Visit –

What we offer –

15 creative DIY jobs that are so bad they turned out good!

We at Inautomotive feel a tad bit sorry for the Mechanics of today. That is because they have had to deal with some of the worst, albeit creative DIY jobs seen to man.

What must grind their gears (no pun intended) is when people let pride and ego take over and they suddenly become a mechanic overnight. This is where this post comes from, having seen some of the best and worst DIY jobs in recent years, we figured we would put this post together and let everyone enjoy them as much as we did. We would also like to put a shout out for all the mechanics out there that have to work on fixing some of these problems – “keep up the good work and continue taking pictures as they are hilarious”

So here we go our top 15 DIY fails for your viewing.

15. Portable aircon!

15 homemade aircon

Have you ever been so hot you simply have to turn the air con on? No problem with this top of the range portable air con system.

14. The classic manual screen wiper!

14 manual wiper

Who said the front passenger was just in charge of music? This method gives you an all new job and a workout!. We guarantee you don’t fight for the front seat in this vehicle!

13. Seatbelt holder missing?

No problem for this guy, possibly more comfier as well given the fact that it stretches, not that we recommend trying it as it goes against all safety aspects. Kudos for creativity though.

12. Ever had a smashed window?

12 window

This is one way to sort it out. I bet there was no draught either. Nice and warm in the winter just a problem in the summer when you will have trouble winding it down.

11. Blinds in the car anyone?

11 blinds in a car

As backseat passengers know it’s hard to block the sun out, so this genius came up with having blinds in the car, well not literally in the car but you get the point.

10. Home made trailer?

10 home made trailer

When no one is willing to lend you their trailer, simply make one yourself! We probably would have built something that you could attach and not built it onto the actual car but at least they always have one now.

9. Home made swimming pool

9 swimming pool

When it is simply too hot on a summer’s day, why don’t you turn your car into a swimming pool! This is obviously a cheaper and much more fun option than buying a swimming pool.

8. Buttons not working on the dashboard?

8 dashboard problems

No problem for this mechanic, Simply install a switch and a bit of cardboard and bish bash bosh you now have a working dashboard.

7. Headlight problems?

Not for this car, strap a few 1000 candle torches and away you go. The only problem is you’re always on high beam and you can’t dim them, fix that and you are onto a winner! However unless these torches were lying around your house, surely it would have been cheaper to buy new headlight bulbs?

6. Not enough money for a paint job?

5 sharpie paint job

This person took paint jobs to a new level! We are throwing it out there, they probably have sore wrists from doing this! While we are on the subject has anyone got a spare sharpie pen? The local shop seems to have sold out!

5. No words can describe what has happened here!

6 no words can describe this

This person seems to be in multiple minds as to whether they want a car, a van, or even a combine harvester it has gone that far away from a car. Our advice, scrap this thing and go and buy a motorcycle as you clearly don’t know what you want.

4. Check out my new rims!

3 small rims anyone

Normally people go for bigger wheel rims which is always good when you have a wheel for them to go on. This brings us to our number 4, engineering at its finest and introducing the newest trend of small wheel rims.

3. Anyone for a bit of music?

3 cd player

This person figured the cassette player was too old school and was in need of an upgrade, introducing the latest model of the cd player… the cd rom! Some say it was the best ever made… we said some and by some we mean one… The one person that created this absolute gem!

2. No steering wheel… No problem!

2 steering wheel

Who needs a steering wheel when we have tools. We don’t think you will be able to give lessons in this car though as they would automatically fail for not having two hands on the .. well on the locking pliers in this case!

And finally our number 1. It was worth the wait…. drum roll please….

1. Create a whole new vehicle?

1 brand new car

Don’t want to let go of your first car? We know the feeling, it’s hard as you have an emotional connection with it. However we think it is time for you to let go of this one.

It is safe to say that all of the pictures above were ambitious attempts but ultimately fails. If you are looking to hire a mechanic then we strongly recommend that you stay away from people like the above and find your next employees at Inautomotive. Here you will find over 155,000 industry specific professionals waiting to fill your roles and in relation to this post do a better job than some of these pictures.

As for the people that decide to take it upon yourself, before you go and get all creative, leave it to the actual professionals. If you want to get creative maybe you’re in the wrong industry, why don’t you visit our other sites, Simply Marketing Jobs  and Simply Engineering Jobs where your creativity skills will be put to a much better use.

If you have better DIY fails, comment them below! Share if you liked this post or if you know a DIY’er as bad as the pictures above.

MECHANEX – Donington Park

Inautomotive can officially say that MECHANEX live up to their reputation and we strongly recommend that you attend their next event! Why’s that you ask?

Do you like free stuff? We do! For a bucket load of giveaways and industry leading news that will keep you ahead of the game, you simply have to head on down to Derby and attend the latest show. The event will be headlined with some of the biggest suppliers, distributors and technical experts in the industry. So to get vital information that can help your business absolutely free of cost, what have you honestly got to lose?

For more information read the official press release below from the Professional Motor Mechanic magazine (PMM).

The Donington Park show offers garage technicians a wealth of technical information and product demonstrations from the industry’s biggest names.

Some of the automotive industry’s top suppliers, distributors and technical experts will gather at Donington Park Exhibition & Conference Centre on October the 6th and 7th for the third regional MECHANEX show of 2015.

The easily accessible venue will host the popular show, essentially a live version of Professional Motor Mechanic (PMM) magazine, which is visiting four locations throughout the UK this year.

Vehicle technology is evolving so quickly that if mechanics don’t keep up-to-date with the latest products, techniques and legislation, their business may well be left behind.

Richard Bowler, PMM Editor, said: “In the fast-changing world of automotive technology, skills and legislation, MECHANEX offers workshop technicians and proprietors the ideal opportunity to stay ‘ahead of the game’.

“With the cream of the aftermarket parts and equipment supply world in attendance, alongside an ever-increasing timetable of technical and business-related seminars and presentations – delivered by specialists in their fields – a visit to your nearest regional show is a must.”

Add to that the many opportunities to acquire vital training and technical knowledge as well as the chance to talk face-to-face with some of the aftermarket’s leading experts and forward thinking technicians have everything they need to help you stay competitive, all under one roof.

The show is completely free to attend and tickets can be booked online, at, or by calling 0844 888 8339.

Delivered by experts in their field, the MECHANEX seminar timetable will be packed with subjects and servicing tips and if 2014 was anything to go by, it’ll be standing room only.

The full seminar programme and times can be found on the MECHANEX website. For more information follow @MECHANEXShow on Twitter.

So there you go, you simply have to attend in order to stay ahead of the game, who knows your competitors might be attending so can you really afford for them to get that competitive edge over you?

Register now and claim your free tickets today!

7 Top Tips On Becoming An Awesome Driving Instructor

A career as a driving instructor can be great. After all, the job offers flexible working hours, the satisfaction of being your own boss, and the potential of earning £30k a year.

But to be successful, you need to provide a good service. Sounds obvious, right? Driving instructors live and die by their referrals, so it’s really important to go that extra mile. Today we are going help you with this by providing our 7 top tips on how to become a great driving instructor.

Know your stuff

know your stuff

Picture courtesy of Sarah Joy, via Flickr Creative Commons.

This sounds obvious, but you would be surprised how many instructors get stumped when asked simple road user questions. Rather than scrambling to find your Highway Code, take the time to study it regularly. The Highway Code doesn’t get updated often, but when it does make sure you know about it.

The idea is to be an expert in your field. Your students should see you as a beacon of knowledge, which will help them build confidence in you.

Keep it professional

keep it professional

Picture courtesy of Flazingo Photos, via Flickr Creative Commons.

Your students are not your friends. Although you are expected to have some polite light-hearted conversations, stay focused on the task in hand which is teaching them how to drive. Remember they are parting with their hard earned cash to receive a professional service. If your pupils start to notice that you are chatting more than teaching, they will soon get fed up and seek the service elsewhere.

They also, of course, expect you to be reliable and turn up on time. If you consistently turn up, even 10 minutes late, they will notice. People generally fit lessons around their busy life schedule, therefore starting and finishing on time will be important.

Have a nice and clean vehicle

Have a nice and clean vehicle

Picture courtesy of Lendog64, via Flickr Creative Commons.

Not all driving instructors will have the luxury of having a second car to teach their pupils in. The chances are you will use your car within your personal life as well.

If you have pets or you regularly take the kids to play football, then be prepared to clean your car regularly. It’s important that your pupils have a clean and comfortable environment to learn how to drive in.

Cleaning your car should be as regular as all of your other business tasks, so add it to your weekly schedule. Also invest in a dust buster so that you can have a quick tidy up between lessons.

Your opinion matters

Your opinion matters

Picture courtesy of Looking4poetry, via Flickr Creative Commons.

You are the expert, so make sure you act like one. There is no point being indecisive with your opinion during an end of lesson debrief. Your pupils will need clear and precise feedback on what you believe their strengths and weakness are. They will need to trust your opinion and feel confident that this will help them learn how to drive. Try to remember that your tuition vehicle is not a place of democracy.

Be disciplined

Be disciplined

Picture courtesy of Defence images, via Flickr Creative Commons.

To be successful, you will need professional discipline. Always be ready and prepared for the daily lessons ahead. Learn your pupil’s names, avoiding any incorrect pronunciations. Make sure that you always give the highest quality instructions even if you are having a bad day. Things might be going on in your personal life which could affect your state of mind. Work hard to discipline yourself so that you can focus on the job in hand.

Learn from mistakes

learn from mistakes

Picture courtesy of Laura Billings, via Flickr Creative Commons.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or new to the game, you can always learn from your mistakes. By training ourselves to be aware of mistakes, we avoid the risk of repeating them again.  Albert Einstein once said that “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

Ask your students to give you constructive feedback. Also, occasionally find somebody you know and trust to have dummy a lesson with you. Ask them if they notice any tweaks which can help you to improve. Sometimes when we get into a routine it can be difficult to notice these things ourselves.

Cut out any annoying habits

annoying habits

Picture courtesy of Bart, via Flickr Creative Commons.

Try not to distract them. Identify any annoying habits you might have and make an effort to stop them. If you notice yourself doing things like tapping your pen on the interior of the car or singing under your breath, make a mental note of it. Next time you are in a lesson with a pupil, be aware of the habit and try to cut it out.

Cancellations are the bane of a driving instructor’s life. So don’t give your pupils a reason to avoid having lessons with you. This could also lead to them finding a new instructor.


So that’s it, our 7 top tips on how to be a better driving instructor. But for this information to be useful you need to take action straight away. Read through the list and work each one into your daily work routine.

For a list of driving instructors in your area – click here

Find all the latest driving jobs at

If you have your own tips that you think should be added to this list  then please leave a comment. We would love to hear from you.

Technicians wanted for work in Bermuda

Our friends over at Rayclan Limited have listed an opportunity on InAutomotive that is worthy of a blog in its own right.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to just up and leave the UK to work abroad? Well now they are offering you the chance to do just that!

Where is Bermuda we hear you ask?

Location of Bermuda

Location of Bermuda

As in those small tropical islands just off the coast of America.

If you want to swap busy city living for the laidback lifestyle of sun, sea and pristine beaches then this is the job opportunity that you simply need to apply for!

Rayclan have already filled a previous Diesel Technician role that they advertised with us and are now back. This time they are looking for a Vehicle Technician. We will show you the link further down in the blog, first let us show you the ins and outs of life in Bermuda! (If you cannot wait that long simply click here)

The current population in Bermuda is around 66,000 (extremely busy we know).

For information about Bermuda and why you should snap up this opportunity whilst you can. Simply click the link below to find out anything and everything about life in Bermuda! It has everything from different events,  best locations, most iconic scenery walks, best restaurants, you name it, it’s listed on the website.

Here is a list of 21 absolutely free things that you can do…. we know “Shut the front door!!!” is exactly what we said as well!

If you feel as though you might be running low on money or you simply want to save as much money as possible once you get over to Bermuda, then don’t worry because there are lots of things to do that are absolutely free. Have a look at the following website for more information, at a glance you can cliff jump, sightsee, explore the local culture and much more.


Now for the good bit….. the role and what they are offering!

First and foremost a very good salary and did we mention it is weekly paid!

Secondly you will be fully reimbursed for your relocation costs on successful completion of your 3 month probationary period. What is not to like!


Now for the nitty gritty bit…

In order to be considered for this role you must have minimal ties and be willing to relocate for at least a 2 year period. Still interested (we can’t see why you wouldn’t be) click the link below and apply today!

Motor Vehicle Technician | $56,000 – $62,000 (£36,000 – £40,000) | Weekly Paid Job | + Bonuses

Good Luck with your application and if you get the position, we best be invited for alcohol free cocktails on the beach! (they won’t be alcohol free we just wrote that as our manager was watching!)

150,000+ automotive candidates!

150,000 Automotive Candidates – What does this mean?

It means we have the largest database in the UK specifically full of Automotive Professionals. These candidates are waiting to apply for your job roles.

With 150,000 candidates on our database we can fill the following venues with a few extras

– Silverstone Circuit

– Aintree Motor Racing Circuit

– Daytona International Speedway

– Rungnado May Day Stadium, North Korea

– Wembley Stadium

You get the picture! This being said it gives you an outstanding pool of CVs to search through.

With our CV Search Package you can hand pick ideal candidates for your role, meaning that you will fill the vacancy quickly saving you time and reducing your cost per hire!

Don’t just take our word for it! – Michael at Canterbury Mazda

I bought 100 CV downloads to test the calibre of your database and i can officially say that you were not lying! I have already placed a Technician and i am now looking for a Sales Manager. I have paid with agencies before and none have been as effective as your site. So i am very happy and look forward to utilising your database now and in the near future!

We don’t just fill roles in the UK either as Stoneridge Electronics in Australia found out.

The level of response from InAutomotive and the support we have received from our account manager has been outstanding. As a result we have filled many roles here in Australia and we will definitely continue to use InAutomotive for our future automotive advertising requirements within the UK.

We average 150,000 visits each month, with over 30,000 applications from candidates, these figures are only going to increase with the influx in candidates due over the next couple of months. It would be wise to take advantage and reap the benefits of advertising with a company that is going from strength to strength.

If you need any more stats to convince you to recruit with us then give us a call on 01772 639036 and speak to our lovely sales team for more information and to see what awesome deals they can give you.

Don’t want to speak to a sales rep? Click the following link to view our package deals, these packages give you complete control of your recruitment process.

Advertise Here –

Choose from 1 job, 3 jobs, 5 jobs and 10 jobs which can be used throughout the year. your job advert will be live on our site for 28 days and we will give you the best response possible!  The more jobs you choose the cheaper each job post gets!

Or click the following link to see what else we offer –

We look forward to a potential partnership and we would love to help your business move forward, whether you’re replacing old staff, going through an expansion or need cover, we have the candidates for you!

Lookers Chester are hiring now!

Why work for Lookers?

As one of the UK’s leading motor retail businesses Lookers is recognised for their outstanding business performance. Their successful business has been built on the hard work, commitment and the contributions of all their employees.

At Lookers they:

  • Have a dedicated and specialised training department. The company strongly believes in staff development and they nurture and provide their employees with opportunities for further training and career development.
  • Celebrate and encourage success at all levels with their annual Guild of Excellence Awards which rewards achievement.
  • Share company strategy and welcome suggestions and ideas from within the business via the annual Conference.
  • Value their people, their ideas and opinions
  • Are a successful company with great record on recent profit and growth

Who are Lookers Group?

Lookers are a chain of dealerships throughout the UK, they offer an extensive portfolio of both new and used cars from 31 major car manufacturers, as well as the most desirable motorcycles, vans and competitive leasing contracts.

Lookers believe any position with them isn’t just a job, it’s a career. Their mission statement ‘Customers for Life’ also directly relates to their staff as they want their staff to stay with them throughout the duration of their working life and enjoy a long and prosperous career.


Lookers have 5 core values:

Nice – Working with colleagues to create an atmosphere that makes customers feel special and want to smile

Informative – Become an expert, continuously building knowledge and sharing it with others

Caring – Treating everyone as your best friend and creating positive, memorable experiences

Enthusiastic – Be passionate about your role – Smile!

Responsive – Responding to colleagues and customers as individuals and dealing with their requirements positively and quickly


If you think you’re a NICER person and you would like to find work for a company like Lookers then look no further as they have exciting opportunities today, see below for details.

Lookers Group have 6 current vacancies in there Chester branch.

Job Role – Sales Executive

Salary – £15,000 (Could earn up to £45k OTE)

Apply Now

To see all our other Car Sales roles please click here


Job Role- Fleet Sales Executive

Salary – £20,000 + Car, Phone, Laptop and up to £40,000 OTE

Apply Now

To see all our other Field Sales roles please click here


Job Role – MoT Tester

Salary – Competitive

Apply Now

To see all our other MoT Tester roles please click here


Job Role – Vehicle Handover Specialist

Salary – Competitive

Apply Now

To see all our other Customer Service roles please click here


Job Role – Technician

Salary – Competitive

Apply Now

To see all our other Technician roles please click here


Job Role –  Receptionist

Salary – Competitive

Apply Now

To see all our other Receptionist roles please click here


If none of these roles catch your eye, why don’t you view all of our jobs at InAutomotive.

Good luck with your job search and may you find a position through us!