Apprentice Mechanic Jobs

Car repair needs to be taught and while it is essential that anybody looking for car mechanic jobs has the correct qualifications, car repair cannot be taught completely in a classroom. This is why a large number of car garages offer apprenticeships for their car mechanic jobs. These apprenticeships offer excellent opportunities for young people to learn car repair at car garages whilst gaining their qualifications. To find out more about apprentice car mechanic jobs, read on.

Learning Car Repair

  • Many car garages provide apprentice car mechanic jobs as it is beneficial for everybody concerned. The car garages may well get subsidised from the government for providing apprentice car mechanic jobs, the car garages then get a fully skilled and trained employee at the end of it and the apprentice themselves get a wage whilst they learn their trade.
  • Apprentice car mechanics often get paid less than minimum wage but will learn all the skills required for car repair and apprenticeships are widely regarded as the best way of getting a first job in car repair. Upon completion of the apprenticeship, the apprentice is required to stay at that particular company for a set amount of time. The average salary for those that have qualified from an apprenticeship into car mechanic jobs is £13k-£16k pa.
  • To be successful in apprenticeship car mechanic jobs, individuals need to be willing to work hard, possess good practical skills, willing to learn and finally, are capable of analysing and solving problems. Apprenticeships can last for varying amounts of time depending on the level achieved and the area of car repair the individual is specialising in (if any).
  • Some people with apprentice car mechanic jobs may choose to focus on one single aspect of car repair such as electrics of the engine while others may hold apprentice car mechanic jobs in general car repair.

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